Angie Poon - Founder and Yoga Teacher
When Angie began practicing Bikram yoga in 2001, she found the 110F heat allowed her to deepen into poses, and the fixed sequence made it possible to see her practice improving.  During the 8 years Angie was a student of Bikram yoga, she was also working full-time and found transitioning back to yoga in a 110F room after a lapse in practice difficult.  

When Angie experienced gently-heated Vinyasa Flow, she was hooked.  Vinyasa Flow provided variety from fixed sequences (downward dog is amazing!) with enough heat to deepen into the body.

During a period of reflecting on her life of work and travel, Angie decided she needed to  create a more balanced and solid foundation. With support from her family and the yoga community she opened Just Breathe Yoga in 2010.   

Angie shares the life changing experience of yoga with her students by teaching from her own practice.  She hopes to encourage, nurture, and empower students.  She believes that once you’ve recognized your true Self, the whole yoga practice will come to you.


Erica Johnson - Yoga Teacher
Movement and artistic expression through the body in motion has always been a large part of Erica’s spirit. She moved to the Bay Area in 2006 from her childhood home in Yosemite National Park. 

Erica found refuge in yoga after a severe knee injury in 2009 took her away from her first loves: teaching and performing dance. During her recovery, she fell in love with the power of the mind-body connection of yoga. Through yoga, she found she was able to do things that her doctors had told her she most likely would never do again. Yoga healed her internally and externally. Erica completed her 200-Hour Hatha-Vinyasa certification with Angie Poon and Noell Clark at Just Breathe Yoga @ Rivermark and since then she has shared her passion for movement and the healing power of yoga with her students.

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Rupali Mahajan - Yoga Teacher
Rupali started doing yoga as a teenager in India at temple.  Initially fascinated by the flexibility of her Guru, she began trying learn through imitation, then she using online videos to advance her yoga practice.

Rupali’s life took a new turn when she became pregnant. The experience of a challenging pregnancy and birth left her feeling traumatised.   When her daughter turned two, she began to teach Pre-Natal yoga.  Initially she was reluctant to revisit the experience and emotions of pregnancy, but then decided only way of dealing with fear is to face it. Now she not only finds teaching Pre-Natal yoga healing, but also gains immense happiness seeing the positive change Pre-Natal yoga brings to lives of mothers. 

Rupali completed her 200 hour teacher training under the instruction of Angie Poon in June 2015.  Her classes yoga incorporate mudras, shlokas and Kirtan.

Carly Columbres - Yoga Teacher

Carly is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, RYT-200 and a Bay Area Native.   She began teaching yoga in 2010, while living in the desert in Southern Arizona.  She discovered Baptiste Yoga during a very difficult time in her life.  This practice, she believes, inspired her to live an empowered life, to embrace self-acceptance and love and helped her gain access to be a fierce and courageous Woman. 

As a teacher, she believes it is important that classes be challenging yet accessible for all levels.  Her students are empowered both physically and mentally by stretching the limits of their comfort zone and opening up to possibilities in their practice and in their life.  She is known for her authentic teaching style and classes that combine a passion for the practice, inspiration, and of course, fun!

She loves to see students light up when they realize their own power and strength and believes yoga has the ability to stretch both bodies and minds on and off the mat.  Her happiest moments on the mat are watching her students experience a challenging pose for the very first time!   

Carly has completed multiple Baptiste programs including Levels 1, 2 and 3, Art of Assisting and the Baptiste Apprentice Program. Carly is currently working towards her RYT-500 and continues to assist at Baptiste Programs throughout the US.  When she's not teaching yoga, Carly enjoys spending time outdoors and crafting with her two amazing daughters, her husband and their two dogs.


Nicole Bonk - Yoga Teacher

Nicole was first introduced to yoga as a runner to help increase her strength and flexibility as well as relieve stress. Throughout the years yoga became a part of her lifestyle; teaching her that it's not just a relief for running but also a center where all sanctions come together (mind, body, and soul). That deeper connection allowed her to reach within herself and create a sense of stability in her life. She was then able to recognize that beautiful connection between the breath and the movement that the Vinyasa practice taught her. Nicole completed her 200 hour teacher training in Hatha-Vinyasa, under the instruction of Angie Poon at Just Breathe Yoga Rivermark. Nicole brings a sense of warmth into the classroom and a unique presence to her class.

Nicole wants to ensure she empowers her students into the experience of yoga and assist them in deepening their practice. Nicole continues to be amazed by the practice of yoga and the benefits it brings to the mind and body each day.

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Casey Wickstrom - Yoga Teacher

Casey became a certified yoga instructor in December 2017. A professional musician and writer, he sees yoga as a link between body and mind, and believes in the practice, the benefits, and the results.

In August of 2011, a near fatal collision with a drunk driver sent Casey into a downward spiral that nearly took his life. Extensive injuries and post-traumatic stress put him at a serious crossroads, and he eventually turned towards yoga and meditation to turn his life around. Now, he teaches yoga as a way to share the healing effects of the practice that helped him in his recovery.

He is the author of various short stories and blogs, and has just released his fifth studio album. His website is 

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Krista Yapp - Yoga Teacher

With her Masters in Holistic Counseling Psychology, Krista enjoys implementing Movement and Somatic Flows into her yoga practice. She moved to the Bay Area in 2014 from her beach life in the Sunshine State, Florida.  

Krista found the healing energy of yoga during a rough time in her life. During her life transition she fell in love with the transformative powers of the practice and became curious to learn more. Through yoga, she was able to heal from the inside out and outside in. This transformation led Krista to California to complete her Masters at JFKU, followed by her 200-RYT with High Vibe Yoga in Bali. She now brings yoga to her therapy practice as well as inspires her yoga students to look deeper within their practice. 


Tracy Pruden- Yoga Teacher

Tracy discovered Vinyasa yoga in 2016 and was immediately intrigued by the connection between breath and movement. After two years of consistent practice she began to wonder, “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”. She thought it over and realized that she’d love to take her passion for yoga further.  It was then that Tracy decided to enroll in yoga teacher training for a deeper immersion into yoga and self-study.

She hopes that in teaching yoga to others, they will find the same joy, clarity, empowerment, and sense of discovery that she has experienced throughout her own practice.   

Tracy completed her 200-hour yoga certification in March of 2019 under the instruction of Angie Poon at Just Breathe Yoga @ Rivermark.