Just Breathe Yoga 200-HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training


Do you recognize some of these beautiful faces?  These are some of our Yoga Teacher Training graduates that have committed to a lifelong journey as a yoga student and teacher.      

Are you inspired daily by your favorite yoga teacher?  Whether you are interested in deepening your own practice and knowledge of yoga, or you feel the call to teach, the JBY Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program is committed to providing every student with an in depth understanding of all the components necessary to be an effective and successful yoga teacher.  Our program runs every January through June, on weekends only.  We have found that this model works well to allow each student to experience and practice what they learn each weekend in class.




Angie Poon, E-RYT, Director of Yoga Teacher Training

Angie began her yoga journey in 1998 shortly after graduating from University of California, San Diego in the Sciences.  While taking a sabbatical from work & traveling, she decided that she needed to find ground and connect back with what surrounds her.  This is where Angie fell in love with Vinyasa and received her primary 200-hour teacher training certification, and is currently an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance.  Angie never intended to teach yoga, but her true calling came to her when a fellow yogi asked her about a pose and she was able to share her experience from the heart.  Angie teaches in the Hatha Vinyasa style at her community yoga studio she opened in June 2010.  Angie was the Vice President of Interchim Inc. and is classically trained in analytical & separation sciences.  Nowadays, you can find her with her two little yogis, Sloane & Ronin in and around the neighborhood, and doing what she loves most, being a student of yoga.  Angie hopes to share her beliefs with her fellow yogis that yoga practice can offer opportunities to discover the gift and strength of the body and to open the heart to love from within.


Lisa Jang, E-RYT, Faculty {Yin Yoga}

Lisa has been teaching group fitness and yoga for over a decade. She acquired her Primary Group Fitness Certification in 2001 through AFAA and started her yoga studies by enrolling through Beth Shaw’s YogaFit System, but discovered she wanted to finish her yoga studies at a local yoga studio. Determined to do that, Lisa completed her studies with a RYT certified school through the Yoga Alliance and trained in the Hatha Vinyasa style under the mentorship and guidance of Noell Clark and Angie Poon. Lisa also trained under Kathryn Budig in arm balancing, inversions and transitions. Lisa is a Les Mills Certified Instructor and teaches BodyFlow®.

While practicing and teaching yang style yoga, Lisa stumbled upon Yin Yoga in 2010. She found the Yin practice challenging her patience, her ability to find her own edges in poses and emotionally provoking. Lisa was also intrigued about the connection of Yin and the Chinese Meridian Theory. She wanted to learn more about Yin and share it. She studied and completed an in-depth immersion studies program with renowned Canadian Yin Yoga Teacher, Bernie Clarkat Semperviva Yoga (Vancouver, CANADA). In addition, Lisa has completed teacher training in functional anatomy with Yin Masters, Paul and Suzee Grilley.


Michael Athanas, RYT, Faculty

With a Ph.D. in Physics, Michael spent nearly a decade exploring the fundamental structure of matter at particle accelerator laboratories around the world. He finds yoga philosophy & asana to complement to his stringent scientific profession – both work in tandem to increase energy, focus, and awareness. By assimilating his scientific background with yoga physiology, he presents a new grounded perspective on the practice.  The challenging flow of Michael's classes will leave you feeling strong and centered - his approach to teaching will develop flexibility, strength, and confidence.


 Alix Boyer, RYT, Faculty {Anatomy}

Alix was introduced to yoga by her father as a remedy for sleeplessness.  Initially not impressed with the first gentle yoga class, Alix wondered how practicing yoga created the lean, toned body characteristic of yogis. It was only after she attended her first heated vinyasa class that she understood strength and relaxation came from the balance of yoga poses and yoga styles.

Alix practiced Forest-yoga with her dad three times a week throughout high school, and completed yoga teacher training at the Yoga Centre in San Louis Obispo in 2013. She is currently a student of Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose.  When she’s not teaching yoga or studying, you’ll find Alix on horseback, she’s been a rider for 20 years.  

While Alix loves the feeling of flying in warrior 3 pose, no yoga practice is complete without legs up the wall pose.


Carly Columbres, RYT, Faculty

Carly is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, RYT-200 and a Bay Area Native.   She began teaching yoga in 2010, while living in the desert in Southern Arizona.  She discovered Baptiste Yoga during a very difficult time in her life.  This practice, she believes, inspired her to live an empowered life, to embrace self-acceptance and love and helped her gain access to be a fierce and courageous Woman. 

As a teacher, she believes it is important that classes be challenging yet accessible for all levels.  Her students are empowered both physically and mentally by stretching the limits of their comfort zone and opening up to possibilities in their practice and in their life.  She is known for her authentic teaching style and classes that combine a passion for the practice, inspiration, and of course, fun!

She loves to see students light up when they realize their own power and strength and believes yoga has the ability to stretch both bodies and minds on and off the mat.  Her happiest moments on the mat are watching her students experience a challenging pose for the very first time!   

Carly has completed multiple Baptiste programs including Levels 1, 2 and 3, Art of Assisting and the Baptiste Apprentice Program. Carly is currently working towards her RYT-500 and continues to assist at Baptiste Programs throughout the US.  When she's not teaching yoga, Carly enjoys spending time outdoors and crafting with her two amazing daughters, her husband and their two dogs.


Mark Quijano, RYT, Faculty

Mark is a very outgoing and energetic person who loves things that get him moving both indoors and outdoors: cycling, hiking, running, scuba diving, swimming, and anything beach related, to name a few activities. Mark discovered yoga practice was a good way to manage stress and since then.

Completing his Power Yoga Teacher Training from Vibe Yoga in Redwood City under the direction of Jonathan Rickert, Mark teaching is alignment focused.  Mark enjoys coming up with fun and interesting transitions to teach his students and deepening his inversion practice.


Erica Johnson, RYT, Faculty

In 2006 Erica Johnson moved to the Bay Area from her childhood home in Yosemite National Park. She found refuge in yoga after a severe knee injury in 2009 that took her away from her first loves; teaching and performing as a dancer. Movement and artistic expression through the body in motion has always been a large part of her spirit. During her recovery, Erica dove head first into yoga, falling in love with the power of the mind and body connection. She found she was doing things that her doctors had told her she most likely would never do again. Yoga healed her internally and externally, and since then she has worked hard to share her passion and love for yoga with everyone.   Erica completed her 200-Hour Hatha-Vinyasa certification with Angie Poon and Noell Clark at Just Breathe Yoga @ Rivermark.


Petra Neiger, RYTFaculty {Ayurveda}





Q: I want to take the training, but I haven't been practicing yoga for that long. What if my practice is not strong enough?

A: You do not have to be a yoga master to take a teacher training. In fact, there are no masters in yoga. We are all students, even the teachers. Yoga is a relationship that is ever evolving. There is no graduation from the practice of yoga. We are never "finished". You do not have to be able to do every pose, or know Sanskrit, or have been practicing for 10 years. A teacher training is designed for both those who want to teach, and those who want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of yoga.

Q: I have a vacation planned for June. I will miss one of the weekends. Can I still participate?

A: Yes, we will offer make up hours for those who need to miss training sessions due to travel plans or other extenuating circumstances.