Mommy Baby/Toddler Yoga

For mommies and children from 6 weeks to 36 months

Be present, be One

Be present, be One

Mom & Baby/Toddler {yoga} provides a fun and comfortable environment where moms can enjoy special times with their babies and other moms, while experiencing the benefits of yoga. Yoga poses for mom promote wellness specific to post-partum bodies, and interactive poses for baby help with development and establishing good sleeping habits, as well as relief of reflux, gas and colic. The benefits of proper breathing, which calms the nervous system and promotes deep relaxation and are emphasized in every class. The class is free flowing and spirited. You may involve your baby in the movements or place your baby on a blanket next to your mat. You are encouraged to take a break at any time to nurture, feed, or change your baby. Babies are encouraged to express themselves in their own way during class and there are no expectations placed on the way a baby should behave.

Bring a blanket for your baby and wear comfortable clothes you can move in. No prior yoga experience necessary. You and your newborn are welcome and may participate as gently or as actively as you like.  If you have questions about when to start, do ask your midwife or doctor. Join us for this refreshing 60-minute class and infuse your week with relaxation, strength with a supportive community of mothers.

Spend time with your Toddler and get a yoga class in?  Is this possible?  Well join us for some time on the mat to harmonize and tone the body and a little playgroup for the little ones.  As we all know, our schedule revolves around them so, don’t be afraid to get up and take care of business when you need to.  The more they’re exposed to yoga practice, the more they’ll want to try it out for themselves!  The little ones will join us for yoga when they’re ready to!

Just Breathe {yoga}’s Mommy & Baby/Toddler {yoga} class provides a comfortable, supportive environment where mothers can meet other mothers in the community.  It’s a place to enjoy special bonding time with your baby and not have to worry about “bothering” others.  

This is a perfect gift for any new Momma!!

{This class is for 6 weeks to 36 months}

Space is limited so please register early!

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