Kids Yoga


As a yoga teacher and mother, I always wished that I had learned yoga earlier in life. So today, I dedicate a lot of my teachings for kids to give them the life long gift of yoga. Through yoga poses, breathing techniques, and games - kids will have fun, cultivate love & kindness towards themselves and others, and learn to build strength & flexibility in the mind and body. As parents, we need to give these tools to our children so that they can learn to choose from right and wrong, reaction or non-reaction, and how to handle emotional stresses that are dealt to them. Join me in giving our littles ones one yoga practice at a time.

~Angie, Mom of 2, Yoga Teacher, and Founder

Current offerings:

@ Just Breathe Yoga

Thursdays 4:15p-5:15p

@ Don Callejon After School Program - Spring Session April 1-May 31st

Wednesdays 1:15p- 2:15p (Don Callejon students only & located on campus, Room TBD)