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Community Donation class! Conscious San Jose Community Fundraiser

Conscious San Jose Community Donation Fundraiser: Heated ChiroYoga Flow

CSJ is so grateful to our partner sponsor, Just Breathe Yoga, for hosting a fundraiser class for Conscious San Jose Festival 2019: Yoga - Culture - Compassion. CSJ is all about collaboration and feeling the power of our collective San Jose yoga, movement, and wellness community.

This is your chance to check out Just Breathe Yoga and try something new by attending this ChiroYoga Class!

All donations will go towards making our non-profit production of CSJ Festival possible, so that we can enjoy a day together in our park making yoga and wellness accessible to all people.

ChiroYoga is a practice that unifies the healing principles of chiropractic such as alignment, joint and muscular health, and understanding full range of motion with the ancient wisdom practices of yoga such as pranaya (breathing practices), philosophy, and meditation. It is where movement and healing unify in the most powerful way possible.

In order to understand the capacity of our body, both physically and energetically, so we can fully explore and experience the realm of benefits of a yoga practice, we need to understand the underlying prerequisites that are necessary in order to safely enjoy every posture.

The limits of our range of motion for each joint, the ability to explore every plane of motion in the spine, and the fundamental fullness of deep diaphragmatic breathing throughout these movements is critical in being able to understand how we can move more dynamically, adapt to the demands of each posture on every level, and identify the compensations that may be impeding our growth and limiting the depth of the benefits we receive.

This class goes deep into explaining the physiological components of what movement is, how we can deepen and expand our capacity to move, and how that all works in synchronicity with the energy flowing within our system to successfully drop into a blissful state.

Suggested donation: $20

Please reserve a spot by registering online.

Teacher Bio:
Namaste! My name is Samarpan Anand Buchalter and I am a chiropractic student at Palmer Chiropractic School in San Jose, Ca. I am also a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, and the creator and lead facilitator of Vishva Shanti Yoga Retreats, a yoga adventure retreat company based out of the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. I completed my 200hr training in Hatha Yoga in Bali, Indonesia and my 300hr training in the Indian Himalayas in Akhanda Yoga before going on to pursue my doctorate in chiropractic and am now spreading ChiroYoga around the world.

My yoga journey began after breaking my back twice (herniated my L5/S1 disc and fractured a vertebrae) when I was 16 and went on to suffer from debilitating chronic pain daily for years. It wasn’t until I combined my regular chiropractic regimen with the practice of yoga that I really began to heal on every level. My practice has been the biggest source of healing for me but that wasn’t to say there weren’t points where I felt misguided or ill informed as to what was actually good for my spine and condition.

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