Angie Poon

As a resident of Rivermark for almost 8 years, I really wanted a yoga studio that was convenient and within walking distance from my house.  For the last 2 years, I dreamt and envisioned opening my own yoga studio in Rivermark Plaza.  With inspiration from a friend, faith, and continuous support from the community, Just Breathe Yoga is a dream come true.  For most of the families in the neighborhood, quality time with the family is #1 priority and so, by building a yoga studio in the plaza, parents will no longer have to feel guilty about taking time out for themselves.  Everyone needs a little time to themselves for fitness, mental well-being, and to re-energize.  My vision is for the yoga studio to become a place my friends and neighbors can find peace, a place for building friendships and community, and a place where people can be themselves.  Whatever the reasons are that bring you to your yoga practice, I hope that you step off your mat feeling connected mind, body & soul, and centered from your heart.  Namaste.